Since the day I joined a new project, my life had changed. So far, I was in an internal project where my work revolved around the office managers, sending them reports, extracting reports at hourly, daily and the weekly basis of each employee effort details, their availability and billing hours. To me, it was learning time. I had the bandwidth, as my manager called my free time, to learn some new technology and get things certified.

I agreed to do that and I spent my time working at my own pace with an occasional tap from my lead about the pending calls for the week. Other than that nobody would call me or ping me. Since everything was internal and nobody sat on my head to resolve any issue, I spent a good amount of time for lunch and coffee and tea breaks in our cafeteria. This also gave me enough time to pursue my writing passion, my fitness regime, and my socializing skill. I chewed my food minimum 20 times per morsel, as the blog said.

However, all this came to an abrupt halt when I moved into the new technology and was replacing a junior member. First few months were onboarding time for KT and learning and nobody gave me the critical work since I was new and might mess up. As days went by, I took up more work and started working on them at a much quicker pace. This shortened my lunch time and my break timings went haywire.

Hey, it’s a new project; got to give what it takes; got to impress the Gods (read clients)


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